Cremation Services

Cremation is not a type of funeral service, rather it is the disposition of the body following the funeral or memorial service.

The funeral service is the most important opportunity for relatives and friends to express their feelings and respect, so a service is highly encouraged. These can range from a traditional service, memorial service or contemporary service, to a celebration of life. Please see types of funeral services for more information.

Choosing Cremation

When planning for a memorial service following the cremation process, keep in mind that the State of Connecticut mandates a 48 hour waiting period from the time of death before the actual cremation can occur.

Regarding Identification

The Shaughnessey Banks Funeral Home requires that an identification of the deceased must take place prior to cremation if the deceased was moved from their room following death in a hospital or convalescent home. We do this because cremation is an irreversible process. Although highly unlikely, our business recognizes the remote possibility for an identity mistake to happen in a hospital or nursing home.


The National Pursuit of Excellence Award honors professional integrity, outstanding community service, and high ethical standards among funeral directors. We are humbled to have been selected ten times by the National Funeral Directors Association to receive this prestigious award, placing us in the Hall of Excellence and at the forefront of funeral homes, Connecticut and beyond

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