Cremation Information

Cremation Replaces Burial,
Not the Service Itself


Whether a person is cremated or buried, it is the funeral service that helps family and friends as they come to terms with the death of a loved one.

Cremation is seen by many as a less complicated option.
 This sometimes causes families to wonder if they might be able to organize the funeral service on their own.

The challenge we often see
 is that the immediate family has so many other things to cope with and people to contact that they don’t realize what a burden it can be to organize and oversee such an important event.

Though friends and church members
 may offer to assist out of kindness, they may not be well versed in all the details that are involved in setting up a meaningful funeral service or memorial service. It’s much more important than a casual social gathering.

Without adequate experience in planning,
 too often things may not unfold as intended, placing unneeded stress on friendships and family relations.

Please consider allowing us to help you through this
 overwhelming time. Our professional funeral staff can give you peace of mind in knowing you will have a beautiful, memorable service without the added stress of having to fine tune all the small details.

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